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Life is unpredictable and so are the events occurring all round us. The same remark can be made about the security of your home or office. No matter how careful you are, locks and keys get broken without any reason while lockouts occur due to lost keys or any other factor. These are called emergencies and require immediate attention or else you may end up incurring physical as well as mental distress.

Instead of searching online or phonebooks for a 24/7 Emergency locksmith service, you can directly contact Universal Locksmith Store and get the best support in the entire Harvard, MA area. We are trusted fr our knack of problem solving by a majority of customers in Harvard, MA.

Universal Locksmith Store Harvard, MA 978-267-1516A locksmith that meets all your needs:

Our experts are the first among equals, to render all types of security-related services, whether they are related to cars, homes or offices. The biggest plus of Universal Locksmith Store is the efficiency and accuracy of the customer service that has been perfected by us over a period of time. We offer quick and customized solutions, even while delivering 24/7 emergency locksmith for complex issues. Our technicians can work like a breeze in installing and repairing a range of lock devices.

Reputation for being the best:

Only through sustained perseverance and dedication we have created a loyal fan following in the Harvard, MA area. Call us anytime, wherever you are in the region and we will immediately respond to the crisis. Moreover, instead of charging a hefty bill for our top notch 24/7 Emergency locksmith service, we actually demand only a nominal sum of money.


Is your locksmith only specialized in dealing with home security systems? Do you have to visit the automotive repair store if the ignition key is broken? If yes, then the days of running from pillar to post are over. Now, you can contact Universal Locksmith Store and our 24/7 Emergency locksmith service will take care of the rest. To be candid, our experts are more than capable to repair not only the padlocks in your home but also that of your car or office. All you need to do is to call us on 978-267-1516 and get immediate assistance on the spot. With excellent technical support and a superior infrastructure, whatever problem you face, will be solved as soon as possible by our technicians.