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Locks may get jammed or broken, at any time of the day. There are no clear patterns of breakdown, so extrapolating the occurrences of such situations is out of the question. In short, whatever you are doing is held up just because the door won’t open owing to defective locks or lost keys. More often than not, people panic and take desperate measures. For instance, if the key is left inside the car, they might try to smash the windows in order to get inside. In doing so people end up causing more damages instead of resolving the situation. If you are a victim to such emergencies, do not panic but avail our professional emergency locks locksmith services that are available round the clock to instantly resolve such issues.

You can stick to your present locksmith but ask yourself these questions - does the person arrive on time? Is he or she able to get the job done in quick time? If the answer is no, look no further than Universal Locksmith Store! We have all round capability to deal with different types of lockouts, repairing of faulty locks and installation of new ones. We have domain experts to provide all solutions under one roof with minimum time lag. In hindsight, Universal Locksmith Store is the only preferred emergency locks locksmith service in Harvard, MA region that has stood by its commitments. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Universal Locksmith Store Harvard, MA 978-267-1516Resolving car lockouts
  • Repairing ignition systems
  • Cutting keys with accuracy
  • Rekeying of the locks
  • Installation of new locks
  • Eviction service
  • Emergency trunk unlock
  • Safe opening
  • Maintenance of padlocks

And more

Quick service Assurance:

Our troubleshooting service is fast, bang on target and kicks in as soon as we receive your call and location information is shared. We are fully-equipped with top-quality mobile vans that help us reach any place in and around Harvard. In fact, the total time for diagnosing and servicing the lock is not more than 30 minutes.

Affordable services

Although, emergency locks locksmiths  provide a premium service, it is affordable because our experts do not believe in overcharging customers facing lock and key issues.  Our primary focus is not to rob people of money but help them out of the issue efficiently.

Mobile locksmiths

Our team always travels with latest equipment to tackle complex issues on-the-spot. So, let us know where you are in Harvard, MA area and we will send top-class experts to provide emergency locks locksmith  service.