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Whether it is the lock of the car or house, both have a finite life because after a period of time they break or snap. Some of the possible reasons are wear and tear but beyond that they may also stop working due to causes that are not in our control. For instance, sudden voltage fluctuations can destroy even the most expensive and the best electronic locks available in the market. So, if you are thinking that branded locks will last in perpetuity, you are mistaken. Instead, you should focus on regular upkeep of the security systems and if they are not working, you need to get the locks replaced as soon as possible.

A new security system has to be set up and only a professional can complete the job. Poor installation is a recipe for disaster because even if the lock is new, it may not work according to the requirements of the clients. So, would you entrust the responsibility of setting up of expensive locks to novices only to bear recurring costs in return? Well, if the answer is no, contact Universal Locksmith Store and get all the Locks replaced to bolster the security of your home or office. Our team has an eye for details and even a small lacuna in the functionality of any lock can be noticed quickly. With us talking responsibility, your security setup will always be beyond the realms of hackers and burglars.

We provide contractual inspection:

Although conventional locks show signs of wear and tear, the electronic versions never do so. In fact, the outward appearance suggest that everything is fine and suddenly one day the lock snaps or stops working. So, periodical inspection is necessary and who better than the locksmiths from Universal Locksmith Store? They monitor the internal functioning of each lock and assess whether you need the locks replaced or repaired.

Universal Locksmith Store Harvard, MA 978-267-1516You need lock replacement if:

  • Outward signs of dilapidation are visible
  • For overhauling of the security of premises
  • You have old and outdated locks
  • Your locks beyond repair
  • You observe a frequent jamming of doors

Choose our products & services:

Not only is our installation service brilliant, but also the locks replaced by us, are sourced from the choicest brands all over the world. They are backed by quality, durability and reliability all rolled into one. To add more, we have a diverse range of locks, right from the mechanical to the electronic categories. They are not cheap imitations, but genuine security systems capable of warding off intruders from the premises.

So, call us to get your locks replaced today on 978-267-1516!