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Do you know what the implications are if somebody else has the key to the locks in your home or office? The person might try to gain a wrongful entry to your property in and cause harm to life and property, especially, if he or she nurses grudges against you. The situation is alarming enough, but does that mean you should change all the locks? Isn’t it an expensive proposition? Novices or run-of-the-mill locksmiths, might advise you to replace the locks altogether when only a rekey could have done the job.

In such cases, you should look no further than Universal Locksmith Store that has experts to provide honest advice and get the requisite job done in Harvard, MA area. We complete the rekey task at a fraction of price when compared to the full replacement of locks.

Rekey Vs. Lock Change/Replacement

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People looking to enhance the complete security setup of their offices or homes, would do well to opt for rekeying as it involves minor configuration changes. There are innumerable advantages that are associated with the task:

  • Enhancing the security of the premises
  • Deterrent to the intruders
  • Implementation of the master key system
  • Block the entry of the former employees or the tenants into the premise

When to choose replacement over rekeying?

The only condition that calls for replacement is when the locks are completely destroyed either due to vandalism or break-ins by robbers. In both instances, expert locksmiths analyze whether a repairing process could work to restore the locks. If recovery and rekey is not possible, only then new locks are installed in the place of the old ones.

For optimized solutions, you can always look to Universal Locksmith Store, as we not only analyze the premises in detail, but also provide valuable suggestions on enhancing security. After doing a detailed cost benefit analsis, our experts will let you know whether rekeying is the best option for the existing locks.

Only hire professionals:

Only professionals can handle complex tasks such as repairing, installation and rekeying of locks. Availing services from an inexperienced technician will create more issues as the person will neither understand the functionality of the locks nor be able to change the configuration. Only professionals from Universal Locksmith Store can do the rekey job with absolute professionalism and finesse. After completing the task, we create new keys that can work with reconfigured locks. So do not panic when your security is compromised, but call us on 978-267-1516 and secure your assets.